Monday, October 26, 2009

What gives with Amy?

Minnesota Senator Klobuchar gave up on the public option in health care reform many, many months ago and I don’t understand why!
by Charlie Leck

A huge majority of the people who elected Amy Klobuchar to the U.S. Senate wanted significant health care reform when they cast their votes back then; and they continue to want it today. It’s even likely that a majority of all Minnesotans of every political persuasion want ‘real’ health care reform.

We, in this state, are smart enough to know that 'real' health care reform isn’t going to happen without a public option in the legislation.

Months ago, Senator Klobuchar was somehow convinced that no bill could pass the U.S. Senate with such a public option included in it. She wanted something rather than nothing. That’s what she told her constituents. That’s what she told me. Senator Klobuchar has learned well the art of political speak.

I think Senator Klobuchar gave up way too easily in an attempt to please the White House, which had also given up way too easily.

There are some matters on which one must stand to fight. Thorough, significant health care reform is one of those matters. What Senator Klobuchar wants to pass is not significant reform and I am not so sure that it is better than nothing. It tinkers with health care in America and that’s about it. What it does, as Howard Dean so perfectly explains, is set back real health care reform for more decades to come.

Make the Republicans the bad guys, Senator Klobuchar. Then we’ll be able to go to the nation and tell the people that it was they who kept America in the dark ages in health care, dozens of places behind other nations around the globe which manage to care for all the people all the time.

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