Thursday, October 29, 2009


Chris Stephan, running for the City Council in my community, is NOT endorsed in any way by the Republican Party and he has been naughty to try to make people think so!
by Charlie Leck

I know a good Republican when I see one. The mayor of our town is a Republican and a danged good one. Wheelock Whitney, who lives out on Highway 12 in our community, is one of the most famous of the Republicans in our state – and he’s also a danged good one. My father-in-law, the extraordinary Lyman E. Wakefield, Jr., was so Republican that it was one of the most prominent things he listed on his resumé. Oh how he loved the Grand Old Party. Oh yes, and his daughter, my wife, is a Republican, too.

Several members of the campaign committee we’ve put together in this town are also Republicans – and not just in name, but, rather, they are sustaining, supportive, committed members of the Party. Our committee also has committed Democrats and a number of Independents.

In this election battle, which will be consummated on Tuesday, political party affiliation is not a matter of concern. City Council elections in our community have traditionally been non-partisan in nature and this has been an important element in the way our residents vote.

Chris Stephan has flaunted the Republican “flag” in the face of this tradition of non-partisanship. He has inferred that he is a candidate of the Republican Party by including the logo/emblem of the Republican National Committee on a campaign card he has distributed around town and on lawn signs he has posted in the yards of some of his supporters. When I saw this, I was stunned by this brazen act of deceit.

Shame on Chris Stephan for this very dishonest attempt to mislead the residents of the community! Shame!

Am I surprised by this dishonesty? Is John McCain a Democrat? No, I’m not surprised. Chris Stephan has a history in this community and it is not a good one. He has a very stained and questionable reputation. One only needs to flip through the thick files relegated to him and his civic naughtiness that are housed in City Hall. There you will be able to construct an image of the real Chris Stephan.

Chris Stephan has no business running for office in this community just like he had no business implying that he is an endorsed candidate of the Republican Party. This fellow continues to astound me with his brazenness time after time.

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  1. Chris applied for a conditional use permit in 2008 for using his old home as a "bunkhouse". Later requested an amendment to change to "guest house". Guest house is for personal use only, while bunk house is for employee housing. When asked by city council, he stated that it was for personal use only. Wanna bet he's in violation of the CUP?