Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I’m Pleased You are Worried

The house, including my office is torn apart and I can’t get to my blogging machine! But here’s some important reading I recommend!
by Charlie Leck

I’m terribly pleased so many of you have contacted me about why there are such gaps between my blogs during this last week. Thanks for your concern and, frankly, I’m glad you’ve missed me.

Our house, including my office, is in shambles these days as the interior is all freshened up by hardwood flooring refinishers and now by painters who are repainting the entire interior. I’ve never had to live in such dust – a really, really fine, invasive dust. The poor painters have to clean it all off the walls before they can paint, of course.

I’ve lost my wireless connection here on my computer because there are drop cloths covering every opening and also over the top of our main computer where the wireless router is housed. So, it may be hours before I can even get this little notice posted. If you’re reading this, I’m back on-line.

Look for me to get back to my regular 6 days each week schedule starting on Friday morning. There certainly is plenty to write about.

In the meantime, here’s the most important bit of reading I can send you to… OF HEALTH CARE, WAR, COSTS & CONSEQUENCES. It’s by David Morris. Please read it.

A lot of big shots (like Mayor Ryback) are telling me the public option is still an option.

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