Thursday, October 15, 2009


Even though it seems I dwell on the insignificant, I know what's really important underneath!
by Charlie Leck

World Hunger! Peace in Afghanistan! Better relations with Iran! Universal Health Care in the United States! High speed rail transportation all across the land! I dwell, indeed, on all of these things and they are dreams that I wish I could see come true before I move on out among the stars.

Yet, all these issues lose their importance and vitalness when placed against the things that really matter in an old grandpa's life -- that is, his family.

Let me remind those I love that, although I seem consumed by issues too big for one man's brain, I care most for those who are of me. It is the children of my life -- meaning my own wife, daughters, step-children and grandchildren -- that matter so ultimately to me. Everything else is nothing when I measure it against the abundance of love I feel for family.

And today, when I think of that sweet little thing becoming a six year old, I need to remind her of this love I have inside me -- and I need to remind all of those in our family circle.

Happy Birthday, sweet one! I will love you forever and forever!

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