Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Minnesota Education Gap

This gap must be closed or eliminated!
by Charlie Leck

Here’s the enigma
The puzzling problem was framed this morning by an editorial in our local paper, The StarTribune,

“In Minnesota, the learning gap is substantial. Known for educational excellence, the state has one of the highest overall high school graduation rates in the nation – and simultaneously the highest dropout rates for some lower-income students of color."
There’s a significant social problem that needs solving. Minnesota is a state filled with bright, creative, kind and generous people. If any one state in the nation could tackle this problem and solve it, Minnesota is that state.

Let the challenge go forth – ring-a-ding-ding – and let it be highly rewarded. Minnesota, solve this problem!

Thinkers and Dreamers
You must present the answer to the state legislature. Show them how it can be done. Make it so clear that it would be political suicide not to pass a bill implementing your ideas.

Your reward
You will be rewarded with instant and eternal fame within the great state of Minnesota and, likely, throughout the nation.

Too important a problem to be left to educators
We need advertising geniuses, artists, business executives, engineers, librarians, factory workers, farmers, biologists, medical doctors, chemists and sports personalities all thinking about ways to close the gap to as close to zero as possible.

No problem too big to solve
Those who boast that there is no problem too big to solve, here’s your challenge.

An idea already brewing
And while you’re at it, read the entirety of the editorial in this morning’s paper and you will see there is an interesting idea already brewing.

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