Saturday, October 24, 2009


Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will force law makers to remove the public option from their health care legislation! It’s a sly move that will allow the public to see who is responsible for no public option!
by Charlie Leck

Put the public option in the health care reform legislation and make Senators and Representatives who don’t like it make their moves to take it out. Let the public see who it is that moves against the public option.

National polls have clearly shown that a majority of Americans want the public option included in the legislation. Senators like Chris Dodd (CT), Harry Reid (NV) and Charles Schumer (NY) understand that. Schumer would rather lead with the public option than try to work it into a bill that doesn’t include it.

Over in the House, Speaker Pelosi’s claim to have enough votes to pass a bill with the public option is just a bluff.

In both houses the leadership wants the public option in the bill so the public can see who it is that moves to take it out. When you do something like that against the majority will of the people, as an elected official you are going to sustain damage. This is true, for instance, of Maine’s Olympia Snowe. A majority of Maine’s citizens want the public option in. It will be interesting to see if Snowe shows leadership in getting it removed. It could place her in trouble in the far northeast.

See the NY Times article on this subject.

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