Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bank of America may lose this client very soon!

I don’t like corporations getting involved in politics, especially when I’m a customer or investor!
by Charlie Leck

Quite by accident we’ve become clients of Bank of America. It was one of those DEALS where they bought a bank that had bought a bank in which we were clients. Suddenly we were clients of a financial giant rather than the little entity that we’d been associated with for years. I didn’t like it, but I pinched my nose and moved on. Our satisfaction rating of this banking giant keeps going down and down and now it has hit rock bottom.

I expressed my opinions here before about corporations that do business with the general public and give money away to political candidates. I don’t like it because I consider it my money that they are giving away. I don’t like it that they give money to politicians from any of the parties – my party or not my party! I don’t like it!

I stopped shopping at Target Stores long ago, because they gave money up here in Minnesota to a particularly offensive and cowboy type candidate for governor. Now James Mahoney, Director of public policy for Bank of America, has been caught on tape (see video below) promising Rick Perry, the radical, cowboy candidate for President and darling of the Tea Party, that his giant institution will be there for Perry.

Bank of America,” Mahoney says to Perry and the microphone, “We’ll help you out!”

Nation of Change has identified Mahoney as “a key national executive.” Of course, the bank is saying that Mahoney “does policy and not lobbying for the bank.”

That’s not all that Nation of Change says about Bank of America and Governor Rick Perry…

Over the years Gov. Perry has benefited greatly from Bank of America’s financial support, and it appears that largesse will continue as he seeks the presidency on a platform of — coincidentally enough — bank deregulation. His gubernatorial campaigns have received$125,900 from Bank of America’s PAC and executives since 2003. During the 2010 cycle alone, Perry’s campaign received $30,160 from the bank’s PAC and executives. According to Texans for Public Justice, Bank of America has also given generously Republican Governors Association, which Perry led until recently and just happens to be his largest donor, contributing $4 million between 2001 and 2010.

I’m dashing off a note to our managing representative at Bank of America, assuring her that I do NOT like Bank of America mucking around in politics and giving my money to Tea Party candidates. I'll send her a copy of this blog!

Many of you may be clients of Bank of America and, if you are, you might like to raise your voice against such a stupid use of your money.

Here’s Mahoney, on video, making his little promise to Governor Perry!


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  1. The unions have been doing this for years with union members' dues. I think the whole thing is kind of stinky. Individuals should donate their money if they choose, but large entities using funds derived from others who may or may not support a candidate should not be allowed.