Friday, August 12, 2011

Middle Earth in American Politics

In Iowa, in the middle of America, the rush is on to blame all of America’s problems on Barack Obama and the Democratic Party; and Michele Bachmann screams the message the loudest!
by Charlie Leck

I didn’t care much for Tim Pawlenty when he governed Minnesota and I don’t care much for him as a presidential candidate; however, he looks like a genius when he is in direct debate with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Overall, the line-up of Republican candidates is awful. Mint Romney comes off looking like a genius when viewed and listened to in contrast with the others. Soon another strange character, who currently governs the State of Texas, will join the bag of blowhards who want to blame all the problems with America’s economy on Barack Obama.

This is the crux of the entire Republican campaign now; that is, that America’s economic problems belong to the Democrats. That’s a stretch, but we did hold margins in both houses of Congress prior to the 2010 election. What one has to remember is that it takes 60 votes and not 51 votes to pass anything these days in the U.S. Senate. Obama has been hamstrung during his first term. Consequently, he always goes snooping around in middle earth to see what he can get passed. Even more consequently, he comes off not looking very good as a leader.

You just have to listen to these Republican debates to see what the problem is. The candidates are stomping all over each other trying to be the one who is most against spending, for dramatic budget cuts and against any increased taxes.

All of this comes at a time when America needs rebuilding and restrengthening. It ain’t going to happen without increased revenues and then creative investments in America’s infrastructure.

And that is not a message the American voter wants to hear right now. He/she wants to hear that all of this can be done without it costing him/her a dime.

Therein is the problem. It will take a political genius to show Mr. and Mrs. American Citizen that they are wrong. It appears, however, that President Obama is going to put together some kind of mixed message that imitates what leading Republicans are saying. It will be a tragic mistake.


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