Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is this a Great Country, or What?

I long to boast – to continue boasting – that this is the greatest country in the world!
by Charlie Leck

You know what? To be the greatest country in the world is damned expensive. You don’t get there on the cheap!

You know what? You want the best, buster, it costs a bit more! It's one of the rules of life.

By accident, I hang around with plenty of pretty wealthy chaps. Nearly all of them are Republicans, but these are not tea party guys. I lay low when it comes to politics and I mainly listen in silence. I say “guys” very advisedly and in order to be accurate, because these conversations get pretty loud in a couple of locker rooms I make use of. You can be a couple of aisles of lockers away and the piercing chatter still carries. You can even hear it when you’re in the shower. The talk the last several days has been pretty interesting.

Most of these guys are surprised by what the Republicans pulled off in Congress this week. Some are shocked. Very few of them think what happened was good. To the man they were predicting the stock market would continue to tumble. It did!

Now, increased spending, they speculate, would have sent the market up. The severe cuts in spending will put plenty of people out of jobs. That will mean there will be less consumer spending and that means less profits and that means fewer dividends for investors. Ergo, the stock market goes cold!

The economy needs more money to be injected into it. This time it can’t be government bailout money that increases our national debt. The debt has to be solved, but it can’t be solved with such horrific cuts in government projects and spending. There has to be an increase in revenues to the federal government.

You can hear these guys – guys who drive BMWs, Porsches, and other cars by Lexus, Jaguar and Cadillac – saying it clearly: “You want the best? You gotta pay for it!”

This is locker room philosophy were talking about here, but it makes sense to me.

Our nation is only going to be the best if we produce the most highly educated high school and college graduates in the world – the best scholars and the best scientists, mathematicians and engineers. It’s only going to be the best if we provide the finest and most affordable health care options available in the world.

In the locker room they are well aware that we have dropped out of the top two dozen in both these categories.

You want to know what’s wrong with America? Sneak into the locker room at a high priced club somewhere – one where the rich, successful guys hang out – and you are not going to hear tea party talk. I guaranty it!

America is right now in the tank! It’s going to be very, very expensive to get ourselves out of this mess that too many wars have gotten us into. It won’t be cheap to set things straight again.

I love my country! I want it to be great again! The tea party won’t take us there!


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