Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perry Plunges into the Pool

Texas Governor Rick Perry made a big splash over the weekend after jumping into the presidential campaign and the waters have not even yet calmed.
by Charlie Leck

Well, I think the 2011/2012 campaign for the office of President of the United States could be very interesting (or, as Sgt. Schultz, of Hogan’s Heroes, used to say: “Verrrry InTEResting!”).

What if we got Obama versus either Bachmann or Perry for the general election? Can you imagine the swift boat advertising we’d get out of the Republican candidates?

We’ve gotten a good taste of Bachmann’s style in the past here in Minnesota and we’ve also gotten a national glimpse of her lately. It’s shoot from the mouth and don’t worry about the facts!

Governor Perry has been bragging about the enormous advances in civilization in Texas. Well, there certainly has been an explosion in the population of that state. Companies are rushing there to set up national and international headquarters. Wonder why? Texas has the highest percentage of its population working for the minimum wage than any state in the union (other than Mississippi). The unemployment rate is well over eight percent. The rich do very well in Texas. The other end of the scale has problems.

Perry is in hot water now over his comments about what the Fed Reserve Chairman should or shouldn’t do. It’s been a tradition in America to keep the Federal Reserve isolated from politics and political pressure. Perry was warning Ben Bernanke about some of the things he’d better not do. If he did do these things, Perry indicated that “we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas!”

Now, is that class?

Bear in mind that Bernanke was first appointed as Chairman by that former Texas governor, George W. Bush.

Sounds to me like Governor Perry likes to ride wild bronco style! The Tea Party folks are going to like Mr. Perry and that may hurt Ms. Bachmann. Social conservatives (those opposed to abortion for any reason and crazily opposed to any consideration of gay marriage) are going to love either of these candidates and they will each have to work hard to win over the very same base of support. So, Perry’s entrance into the race may hurt Representative Bachmann.

There will be plenteous mention of God in the campaigns of both these Republicans. We’ll have to return to a discussion of Obama’s former pastor in Chicago. Sometimes their campaign speeches are going to sound like revival sermons.

Obama will need to hire a squadron of fact checkers to defend himself against these two politicians. Both of them are very loose with the facts; and they never seem repentant when their misstatements (to be polite) are uncovered.


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