Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Obama Did Libya Correctly!

The President should get rave reviews for this one, but, of course, he won’t!
by Charlie Leck

The genius from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann, has criticized President Obama for months for interfering in the turmoil in Libya. Gosh! John McCain has been criticizing the President for not using U.S. air power and ending the thing much sooner. A host of Republicans disparage the White House for being so indecisive and taking so long to make its decisions about Libya and other April Storm matters.

Now take a careful look at what happened in Libya.

We did not put our troops on the ground. How many more young lives would we have lost had we? How many kids would have come home disabled and disfigured?

We managed to get some of our allies seriously involved for a change! Getting NATO to be involved and leading the way was an enormous coup for the President! Don’t doubt that for a second! The leadership of France in this sticky and dangerous civil war has been inspiring and distinguished. I’m voyaging to France in a bit over a week and I’ll be sure to extend our nation’s thanks to the people who matter in all this – the common man on the streets who will pick up the bill for this expensive endeavor.

The President’s strategy saved us billions of dollars at a time when Republicans keep complaining about spending too much money! It seems funny to me that the party of the elephant and the tea bag doesn’t mind spending Trillions on war and military actions, but hates spending it on poor people and the education of kids who can’t afford to go to pricey private academies!

And now the tyrant, Gadhafi, is in hiding – squirreled away from his own people, who want him to pay dearly for all his crimes against humanity.

There are no sure predictions about what shall happen in Libya. There are complicated and dangerous times ahead for that nation. We can only hope that a democracy is established there soon. If it is not you may be certain that Ms. Bachmann of Minnesota will blame President Obama and assure us she could have done it all better because God would have been looking over her shoulder constantly.

It was on 21 December 1988 that Pan American flight 103 exploded in the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 259 passengers and crew and 11 people on the ground. It was the miserable son-of-a-bitch from Libya who admitted responsibility for the crime against innocents – the same miserable despot who now hides from his own people.

The President did this one right and history will praise him for his decision making. Now, it is time for great diplomatic leadership to guide Libya toward democracy. I think our Secretary of State is up to the challenge.

Quiet down Senator McCain! Shut your trap Congresswoman Bachman! Allow diplomacy to quietly work toward the reconstruction of a democratic and free Libya. There are some matters in which we must present a united front and this is one of them! (If y’all know what that means!)


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  1. I've been somewhat confused over this whole affair in Libya. Your blog has helped make some sense out of it. I hope there is a true leader amongst the rebels.