Tuesday, April 24, 2012

George Clooney’s Place

Can you imagine? I might be going to George Clooney’s place for a big party. And the President may be there, too.
by Charlie Leck

I received an email from Ann Marie just this morning – that’s Ms. Habershaw to those of you who don’t know her so well.

She wanted to let me know about the attire I might be required to wear when I and my guest show up at George Clooney’s house for a big bash with President Obama. Wow! I’m really friggin’ nervous about this.

Ann Marie also advised that I pick my guest carefully. She reminded me: “Whoever you pick to join you is going to owe you big time.”

“Think about it,” she suggested to me.

Well, I was just thinking about taking my wife along, but maybe I should take Ann Marie’s advice seriously and give it some more thought.

California! I doubt it will be black tie. I’ll probably need something like a pink sport coat (linen) and a nice yellow, silk shirt beneath it. Very dark gray slacks seem to make sense – along with yellow socks and a pair of soft leather loafers. Oh, boy! And, I’d better work on losing 20+ pounds before the big evening.

That was easy, but this matter of a guest is sticky! Just who? As Ann Marie suggests, it should probably be someone who I’ll enjoy having in my debt for a while. Just who? Maybe I can talk to my wife and get some suggestions from her.

First, I guess I better send in my $190 to the President’s campaign. That’s how much Ann Marie suggests I send on to her. It’ll get me in the running for this visit to George’s place out in LA. I don’t really want a lot of competition, but since you’re a pretty good friend I’ll let you in on where and how you can get in the mix as well: Go to this web site and send the President’s campaign a little gift. Any amount will get you in the running, but, from what Anne Marie says, it looks pretty much like I’ve got the thing wrapped up.

I just need to figure out who I’ll take with me.

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  1. How about one of your lambs? And be sure to mind your table manners.