Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Open Letter to President Obama

I’ve been hearing from the President so regularly lately that I thought it was about time I replied.
by Charlie Leck

Dear President Obama:

Though this letter is meant primarily for you, you should know that I am copying it to the following:

Patrick Gaspard (The Democratic National Party)
Brad Woodhouse (The Democratic National Party)
David Axelrod (President Obama Campaign Chairman)
John Kerry (The United States Senate)
Al Franken (The United States Senate)
Amy Klobuchar (The United States Senate)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (U.S. House of Representatives, Florida)
Joseph Biden (The Vice President of the United States)
Mark Dayton (The Governor of the State of Minnesota)
R. T. Rybak (Mayor the of the City of Minneapolis)
Amy K. Dacey (Executive Director of Emily’s List)
Erin Hill (ActBlue.com)
Garlin Gilchrist II (MoveOn.org)
James Kvaal (Policy Director at BarackObama.com)
Jeremy Bird (National Field Director at BarackObama.com)
Jim Messina (Campaign Manager of Obama for America at BarackObama.com)
Ken Martin (Chair, Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party)
Rob Zerban (Democratic candidate for Congress, Wisconsin)
Stephanie Cutter (Deputy Campaign Manager of Obama for America)
Guy Cecil (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee)
Michelle Obama (First Lady of the United States)
to whomever at Democrats.com
For you see, sir, these are people who have, in addition to you, written to me in just the last two weeks to ask me to donate to the 2012 Democratic Party campaign effort. Nearly 30 different individuals have asked me to contribute money on either your behalf or for the efforts of others campaigning for either the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives.

Well, I have heard that you and your campaign are deeply wedded to high tech communications for your fund raising (and perhaps the word should be “welded” rather than “wedded”). But, sir, really? Nearly 60 emails in two weeks asking me to contribute money to the causes of the Democratic Party and most to the cause of reelecting you to the office of President? Really?

I do want you to know that I have responded to a few of these appeals – most notably to one from you and one from your wife – and I’ve given quite generously, indeed! Granted, I was most attracted to one promotion that would enter me into an opportunity to have lunch with you in the White House if my name happened to be drawn from the thousands and thousands who would also send you money for your campaign. For the record, sir: I didn’t win and you will not have the opportunity to have lunch with me. Darn!

One quick question, sir: Don’t you think this has all gone just a bit too far? At this rate, could you venture a guess as to how many of these email appeals I will receive by the time November rolls around? My estimate is that more than 3600 emails will arrive and each and every one will be thanking me for my loyalty and asking me to give more money to the effort to stop the evil, monster elephant that is trying to control America.

Yes, seriously!

I delete these requests as fast as I can. I promise I’ll send a bit more money to you; however, though I don’t want your beautiful wife to stop sending me requests, I wonder if you could tell some of these other alarmists to tone it down just a bit.

If David (as in David Axelrod for those readers who are not on a first-name basis with him as I am; for, you see, David always signs his appeals to me as just, simply David) wants to give me a call, I’d be happy to talk strategy with him and give him whatever advice I might have. And, if you really want me to, sir, I’d happily board a plane and fly to Washington to sit down with the two of you over lunch and discuss campaign strategy.

Other than Michelle and David, however, I wonder if you wouldn’t ask these other beggars to stop, stop, stop! Enough, already, is enough!

And, oh yes, good luck with the campaign. I’m behind you all the way! And greet Michelle for me and tell her the nation loves her – absolutely loves her!

Charles H. Leck (Minnesota)

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