Monday, April 2, 2012

Peace is Hidden from Our Eyes

As Good Friday and Easter approach I am reminded by Sojourners of a challenging piece of scripture!
by Charlie Leck
In my own life time I have seen America involve itself in five significant and costly wars; and it has also instigated numerous brief incursions (and some were of merit and wisely pursued while others were incredibly unwise and even stupid; and some were successful and some were disastrous).
Overall, I think we are a people that thinks too quickly about war and too slowly about alternatives.
I was in Alabama last week and I saw a group of men home from the war – a group that seemed to be having some sort of reunion. They were seriously injured soldiers with missing limbs or showing other serious signs of injury. It forced my breathing to quicken and my vision to blur from tears. Later in the evening, on that same day, I was watching the Golf Channel and saw a piece on the famous golf instructor, Butch Harmon. He was giving golf instruction to Wounded Warriors. Most of them were missing a leg or legs or an arm. They’d been fitted with various kinds of advanced prosthetics. I should have been happy to see them enjoying the game, but, instead, I was consumed by guilt that we had asked so much – perhaps too much – of them.
On the back of an ass, Jesus rode toward Jerusalem for the Passover celebration. When he came near the city, he looked out over it and wept; and he whispered out to it:
“If only you knew the things that lead to peace; but now they are hidden from your eyes.” (Luke 19:42)

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  1. Sobering line -"Overall, I think we are a people that thinks too quickly about war and too slowly about alternatives" - wish it wasn't true. Peace is indeed elusive.