Friday, April 13, 2012

Is this the Selfish Generation?

Schools don’t have enough money! Just a few days ago I wrote about ExxonMobiles call to return U.S. schools to greatness. The public doesn’t seem to want to respond.

by Charlie Leck

Schools in Minnesota, short of funds, are beginning to look at ways to survive without cutting back programs. One solution several schools are considering is a shorter week and longer days.

If one were to propose, over in the State Legislature, raising more money for the schools through an increase in taxes, the proposer would be run out of town and symbolically tarred and feathered as well.

Are we living in the selfish generation? Are we unwilling to make sacrifices – a few less coffees at Starbucks and a slightly less expensive sport coat – in order to provide our school districts with enough money to appropriately pay teachers and finance a top-notch education for our kids and grandkids?

Education in America was once something we could brag about. Now we rank, in many categories, far down on the list of nations producing the best educations for their students. We may not feel the severity of the consequences of this for another generation or two; but then the penalty will become severe.

We need a great awakening in America! What, or which, great person can convince us to spend invest more money in order to build a greater future for our children’s children?

America needs heroes more now than ever – great patriots who will call America to greatness again!

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1 comment:

  1. Like so many things we are content to make it a future generations problem. I wonder how many U.S. technological failures it will take before that 'hero' comes out of the rubble. I've always maintained that teaching is the noblest profession of them all. Time that we give our teachers the tools they need.