Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reading the Sunday Times

There is no better way to spend early Sunday morning than with a copy of the NY Times – accompanied by a nice, hot cup of coffee (with real cream and a touch of toffee flavoring).
by Charlie Leck (Mobile, AL)

In Manhattan there’s a pizza war. True! I read the story in today’s NY Times. The price of pizza by the slice is dropping all over the island and the experts expect it to continue. Pizza is available at a single dollar per slice at many establishments. The Sunday morning news is always great! No?

There’s also a wonderful recipe for veggie burgers in this morning’s issue – actually four or five wonderfully sounding recipes. Check it out!

The lead story in this morning’s times is by Eric Lichtblau: POLICE ARE USING PHONE TRACKING AS A ROUTINE TOOL. Law enforcement agencies don’t want to talk about this. Surprised? Naturally, the American Civil Liberties Union does. Again, surprised? It’s the GPS systems in our cell phones that will raise the problem.

“The issue has taken on new legal urgency in light of a Supreme Court ruling in January finding that a Global Positioning System tracking device placed on a drug suspect’s car violated his Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches. While the ruling did not directly involve cellphones — many of which also include GPS locators — it raised questions about the standards for cellphone tracking, lawyers say.

There is also a remarkable and informative editorial in today’s issue of the paper that proposes the death of judicial restraint in the currently sitting U.S. Supreme Court. It’s devastating for America, but it’s also a simple and clear fact of life. Check it out!

An hour or so spent with today’s issue of the N.Y. Times will be very worth your while – from the Opinion Pages to the Sports Pages, it just one great Sunday morning newspaper.

Last day of the trip – today. I’ll come limping in on a wing and a prayer, escorting home one of our party who had a heart attack out on the golf course very early in our trip. He was fortunately taken to a very first-class, premium hospital nearby the golf course.

Also, while on the road, one of our dearest friends, Sander Latts, passed on back at home and I missed out on his funeral (today). Rest, dear Sandy, in beloved peace! You were one helluva good guy! We were friends for very nearly 50 years. His obit is in today's StarTribune.

It will be good, good, good to be home.

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