Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, How the Mighty

In 2007, as the Democratic candidates for President went through what Romney and Gingrich are going through these days, I was pretty impressed with John Edwards, champion of the poor and neglected, and with his sweet wife, Elizabeth.
by Charlie Leck

I was really taken by John Edwards in 2007 and how convincingly he talked about his commitment to the poor and ignored people of America. He seemed so genuine and sincere. So did his wife, Elizabeth.

“These are the kind of people,” I thought, “that we need in the White House.” I wrote it proudly, here on this blog!

By the end of the year, I began to see through John Edwards. I had discovered he was a scalawag, worthless piece of shit, and I had figured out that he was a phony and not nearly as bright as I thought he was. A lot of it began with is $400 haircuts. Some things about his wife began to ring untrue as well.

I transitioned over to Barack Obama after a short flirtation (probably not a good word to use here) with Hillary.

Now the John Edwards trial…
We are all finding out just how egocentric and narcissistic John Edwards really was (is) – how vacuous and insincere. He was, as some friends of mine like to say, “just an empty suit – expensive as the suits were!” John Edwards was as phony as a wooden nickel – as phony as a three dollar bill – as phony as a carnival barker.

I don’t like to be fooled. I hate worse to be made a fool of. John Edwards did both to me.

If you want to understand my anger and embarrassment, you only need to read Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times: Brutality of Servility. I sat in a Starbucks this morning, with the New York Times spread open before me as I sipped on my morning latté. I seethed as loudly as those espresso machines that the baristas were working.

“What a bum! What a piece of crap,” I thought to myself. “Put him away and the hell with him!”

“In the winter of 2007, as Edwards campaigned for the presidency in Iowa, he still found time to check up on his pregnant girlfriend, Rielle Hunter, who was on the lam and with fall guy Andrew Young and his family, zooming around in private jets to luxe resorts and haciendas in Aspen, Santa Barbara and Florida.”

What a jerk I was! Maureen Dowd crushes the truth about Edwards right over my scalp and describes the major question in the courtroom…

“Everyone’s arguing whether Edwards is a swindler or merely a swine.”

While the world was falling apart all around him – during that campaign – John Edwards was unable to realize it because, as Dowd says, “John, of course, loved John…”

Dowd concludes her column with a slap in the face – my face!

“It’s a trial without heroes, just liars and an abhorrent trio of selfish people trying to spin the story their own way.”

I need to do something to make myself feel better, so I guess I’ll go stick my head in a tub of boiling tar!

Those clear, twinkling eyes and that wide, toothy, confident smile fooled the hell out of me. The poor and neglected in America were his biggest concern, he said. And I believed him.

As an old Hungarian friend used to say of my naiveté: “Sometimes you can be one dumb, some-of-a-bitch!”

Angrily, I pushed the newspaper aside and it tipped over my cup of hot latté – right into my lap.

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