Saturday, August 11, 2012

Helen Philpot Asks

     My granddaughter, Daphne: I want women to have complete equality
        in this world – not only in America, but around the world

Sometimes a damned good question just stops me dead in my tracks and causes me to wonder excitedly why I didn’t think of asking it.
by Charlie Leck

I’ll be brief today. In her most recent blog, the GOP could learn something from the gays – stop worrying about what my vagina is doing (Margaret and Helen), Helen Philpot asks this remarkable question:

“And who should make the decision about ending a pregnancy – the woman who realizes now is not the time to bring a child into the world or Rick Perry who humiliates and traps women into having an unwanted child and then denies those same women and children healthcare and a decent education after the delivery?”

Then, Helen really opens up in the next paragraph, which begins with her commonly used word, “Honestly,…..”

Good old Helen isn’t posting so much anymore, but when she does, she’s still the best there is. If you want to read a damned good blog, go ahead and read this one by Helen.

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Governor Arne Carlson (approximately monthly)

Huffington Post (daily and among world’s most powerful blogs)

Marbury (daily, British blog on American politics)

Margaret and Helen (infrequently)

Out of Ur (religious and several times per week)

Prairie Ponderings (only occasionally I’m sad to say)

Robert Reich (two or three times per week)

Scott Kelby – Photoshop (photography – almost daily)

Stanley Fish, NY Times (approximately weekly)

Talking Points Memo (daily, hundreds of thousands of readers)

Tony Rugare’s Musings – or whatever he might now be calling it (daily)

Van Peebles Land (a few times per week)

and... Copy Blogger (all about blogging… if you don’t blog, you won’t like it)

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