Monday, August 6, 2012

Why the Sikh Massacre?

     Photo by Charles Leck (attribute if used)

I don’t even want to think too deeply about the above question because the possible answers scare the hell out of me?
by Charlie Leck

Sikhs, you must know, had nothing to do with 9-11. Sikhs, we must understand, are peace loving people who dedicate themselves to acts of kindness and service. 

I just ache for them this morning; I feel deeply grieved for the congregation down there near Milwaukee. Some crazed gunman floated into their temple and began shooting these innocent and nice people who had gathered to worship and meditate.

Why? Oh, Christ (I really mean it!), I’m afraid of the possible answers. Kehar Singh, a Sikh and a Minnesotan, ventures no guesses. He tries to think it through and then can only admit: “We just don’t understand how the human mind works?”

The shooter is dead, so we’ll get no answers out of him. Perhaps he left something behind that will explain why he did this.

The question lingers, however, about our current political climate and the hateful and diseased discourse going on in the nation these days. We’ve had a lot of talk out of politicians aimed at raising fears and suspicions. One wonders! It was one of my first thoughts when I heard the news.

Singh says that such careless talk may push some “very angry or mentally ill people to act irrationally and violently”

A loose and careless tongue is a very dangerous piece of the human anatomy. We’ve got some politicians who need to figure that out!

Sikhs are not Muslims and have nothing to do with the Islamic faith. Many Americans are confused about that. Now, that, in itself, is a terrible thing to say. What if they did have some association with Islam? Would that have made the crime any more justified? It’s a horrible question to ask; but in the American political climate right now, the answer would be a bit mixed up and highly inflammatory.

Sikhs believe in the “oneness of God” in all faiths! They don’t paint themselves in opposition to any faith. They are positive and peace loving and hopeful that there will come a day when we will all love and trust one another. Such a day, I’m afraid, is a long, long time off!

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