Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Remembering the Space Pioneer

Image taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover on August 23, 2012 using its telephoto lens on the 100-millimeter mast camera instrument, or mastcam. The image, which is color-enhanced to replicate the lighting conditions on Earth, shows Mount Sharp rising in the background and the rover's gravely surface in front.  

Our salute of gratitude and wonder to Neil Armstrong and the extraordinary accomplishment of his NASA team; but how Armstrong must have watched in awe as Curiosity was lowered on to Mars.
by Charlie Leck

Earth said goodbye to Neil Armstrong last week and gave him a hero's salute. He is out among the stars now, enjoying his eternal rest. What a wonderful human being he was.

I'm glad Armstrong got to hang around long enough to witness the incredible Mars landing.

"One small step for man," Armstrong said as he put his foot upon the surface of the moon, and then continued: "One giant leap for mankind!" Indeed, a leap that has led us now to an amazing exploration of the surface of Mars.

Though we've been dabbling around on Mars for years, now we're beginning to witness some of the incredible information that Curiosity is sending back to us. I hope you're paying attention, because the real exploration of Mars is underway. In a blog earlier in the month (Curiosity on Mars) I provided links and blog sites  for many of the places where you can keep in touch with what's going on. The above photo came to me on a NASA blog that I follow.

This, like the moon landing, is one of the incredible events of our lifetimes. Keep in touch!


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