Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nick D’Alosio

Talk about Wunderkind – just go to the Charlie Rose interview and watch/listen to this kid. I shook my head as I watched and I giggled in wonder at everything the world and its children have become!
by Charlie Leck

A friend, in a letter (yes, an old fashioned letter, sent through the United States Postal Service), told me about this extraordinary interview that Charlie Rose conducted with Nick D’Alosio, the founder and executive of a sweet little company called Summly. D’Alosio is a British kid of 17, who just sold his company to Yahoo for 30 million dollars. Oh my! The youngster is now going to go to work for Yahoo in London. However, as he finishes high school, he still has Cambridge or Oxford in his dreams.

You simply must watch it. It’s one of those you must not miss television moments. Y’all will be amazed at this interview, but those of you in the senior age bracket will just shake your heads at the world that has buzzed so far out ahead of us in just the last couple of decades that we just don’t completely understand.

Of Nick D’Alosio, Adam Kane, of Yahoo, said…

“Nick is part of a generation that is not just mobile-first – they are mobile only!”

The Colorado friend who told me about the interview calls Charlie Rose the best in the business. I expect he’s probably correct (though he isn’t very often).

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