Friday, April 12, 2013

Want Michele Bachmann Out? Take Out Your Checkbook!

Jim Graves decides to take on Bachmann again in 2014 election and now Minnesotans know they can make a difference in this race by coming out in a big way to get rid of the congresswoman.
by Charlie Leck

An email arrived from a friend yesterday afternoon. I was just about ready to settle in to watch the Masters (golf tournament) when the email prompted me to see the announcement by Jim Graves that he would take on Bachmann again. The friend who sent it wasn’t exactly happy with me in 2012 because I had decided to sit that campaign out, thinking that Graves had no chance, and I did no work in the effort and contributed only a few bucks to the campaign. My bad!

In that 2012 election, Jim Graves came within a single percentage point of beating Bachmann; and this he did while many active Democrats, who could have helped in significant ways, sat on the side-lines. I was one who sat it out.

So, I jumped at the news yesterday and went immediately to the web site and pitched in by making a significant contribution to the Graves campaign. With it, I declared that I am all-in this time! I can drive two miles from my home and be in Bachmann Territory, as the Rupublicans call the sixth congressional district. In 2014, I’ll carve out a niche for myself and I’ll make regular financial contributions to the cause. I’ll also roll up my sleeves and go to work in ways that the Graves campaign wants me to. I’ll also try to get other good and positive citizens involved in ending the Great Minnesota Embarrassment, as I like to call Ms. Bachmann.

Here’s what I want you to consider, no matter where you’re from: think about the career of Michele Bachmann and ask yourself if you want any congressional district in America to be represented by such an incapable and negative person. Bachmann is a divider and not a unifier. She stirs up negative feelings and not hope and optimism. Her attitude and approach cannot build a better America but only a divided and bitter one. Americans are tired of division in Congress and they want members of the House and the Senate to cooperate and work together as adults.

It is time to reject Bachmann’s approach. It is unMinnesotan to the core. Within the hour of the Graves’ announcement yesterday, Bachmann’s campaign organization struck back with a negative attack against her probable opponent. The approach seems to be one that links Graves with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Graves, of course, will counter by showing his independence and highlighting his success as a businessman and his rational approach to solving problems.

There will be no presidential race in 2014 and that always hurts turnout. Graves will need to create a strategy that turns voters out. He’ll need a strong volunteer army to help him do that. The better the turnout the better the chance we can thrown Bachmann out on her can.

There is pretty clear evidence around the state that the negativism and pettiness of Michele Bachmann has worn on voters and they’ve tired of it. They want representation from someone more positive and creative.

My faith in the sixth district got a tremendous shot in the arm last year. I think the people up there are tired of being embarrassed by Bachmann’s constant harangues and they are ready for a change. I’ll be danged proud of them if they dismiss Bachmann and move on with someone of whom they can be justly proud.

Wherever you are, come on and join the fight against Ms. Bachmann. Again, you can donate to the Jim Graves campaign here.

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