Monday, April 15, 2013

Renaissance Street Singers of NYC

Every now and again I watch a marvelous video on-line and I can’t help but shout about them!
by Charlie Leck

The Renaissance Street Singers
Imagine – in New York City – gathering the talented street-singers (those people who sing out on the streets, hoping you’ll pop a fiver into their donation box) to form a larger choral organization.

Just imagine!

This morning, as I browsed through the New York Times on-line (as I do nearly each and every day), I came upon this video of just such a choir performing in Grand Central Station (GC) under the direction of the fellow who had gathered them from lower Manhattan, Midtown, Brooklyn and the Upper East Side (et al). It was chilling to listen to them singing there in the big, hollow sounding central lobby at GC.

John Hetland, just an extraordinary man, formed such a group nearly 40 years ago and has kept doing it year after year. His choir sings some of the most difficult, but beautiful, classical choral creations. They are sacred songs, but it’s the great power of the pieces, sung in a very public place for wanderers, that is so special about this story.

If you’d like to watch the little video, produced just this month, and get yourself juiced-up, you can find it here…

Praise to the Lord!

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