Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The New Pope, Faith and America in Change

     Changing America! A lovely old Packard visits our farm!

Yesterday, I sent an email off to my cousin in Paris. It reflects some of my current feelings about both religion and America…
by Charlie Leck
Here is a peek into my personal correspondence. I won’t do this frequently, but there is something worthy in what I write here today. There are people you will not know, so just skip quickly over my mention of them. My cousin lives in Paris. She is battling Leukemia

Your lovely photo, sitting here on my desk, prompts me to write. Nothing special is going on here. I carry on with this chore and that, waiting for the more exciting developments during this journey. I am well enough with only minor aches here and there and a horrible short-term memory that my doctors say is quite within the normal range. Of course, I don’t believe it is normal and I, instead, think I’m going over the steep cliff. Alas! Poor me!
I am following the new Pope ever so closely, reading about him every day. The Christian Science Monitor had a very good article about him.  I feel an attachment to him that is very warming. He has a different attitude for and about the papacy.
“Come! Gather! Sit! Let us talk of Jesus. What is it he expects of us?”
I’ve never seen Protestants so interested in a Pope and his thoughts and actions. I think he realizes that the Church can be no more than human in this life and is therefore subject to all the errors and failings of humanity itself. This Pope sees himself as the prime servant of the faith and not as some royal leader.
“Come! Sit! Let me wash your feet, my children.”
Something really ecumenical may happen here – finally!
My love to JM and to all your children. I have had Patti in my thoughts a lot in the last few weeks. I wonder why.
Love to you as well.
P.S. America is in a very confusing place in these days. Obama has tried to lead it into a new place – a place less self-absorbed and isolated – but the way is not easy and I think he will finish his term before he can get us there. Nations, ours included, are losing their formerly clearly and easily explained identities. As the world grows smaller, closer and more intimate, our former identities are swallowed up by changing mores and melding cultures. I am not saying the old ways were better, but only that the newer ways are confusing – especially for older guys like I.
I feel little attachment or loyalty to the Church. I continue to feel in brotherhood with Jesus – with Christ. He was not a myth! I cannot accept that. He was a historical being and as real as I or you who reads this. He had a super-charged ethical and moral standard.
“Come! Sit! Let us talk of Jesus!”
It is a quiet, peaceful and tranquil morning, but soon things will begin to pop and hop. I wish they would not. I would like to spend the entire day with this peaceful, calm feeling.

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