Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Republicans Fight the Tides

I’m no Nate Silver (we all know who he is by now) but when I take a look at the results of a recent ABC/Washington Post poll, I see a Republican Party seriously whacked out and remarkably out of touch with the American people.
by Charlie Leck

I’ve written here a great deal about Nate Silver, the polling genius. Some of my blogs in which he makes a strong appearance were (1) Obama’s Chances, 4 Nov 2012; (2)Nate Silver and Opinions on Same-Sex Marriage, 27 March 2013; and (3) Obama, Ohio and Nate Silver, 22 October 2012.

Polling has gotten to be a very advanced and accurate tool that measures the pulse of America. For many years, I couldn’t trust polling results, but they have honed the art so that it is now remarkably accurate. Therefore, I’m rather confident about what I write in this particular blog.

A new poll came out yesterday from the national newspaper, The Washington Post, and the national media broadcaster, ABC. It has some remarkable things to say about how ordinary Americans feel about certain issues. Even more remarkably, when I look at it and give it due consideration, I find that it shows just how whacked up and out of touch contemporary Republicans are with the feelings and wishes of the America people. This I think, because the Republicans are always arguing that they are the now the party of the people, is very significant – and very telling indeed.

Now, I’m not talking in generalities here. No, I’m talking about direct and convincing evidence. For instance, the poll shows that Americans believe that Republican politicians are “out of touch.” Moderates say the Grand Old Party is out of touch 70 percent to 23 percent. Independents say it’s 75 to 20 percent. Is that “out of touch?” Or what?

When the same groups are asked about whether the President is “in touch or out of touch,” the fellow in the White House does remarkably well – actually measured as “in touch” by 57 percent in one group and 64 percent in another.

Gun Control, Background Checks Favored by 86 percent
I don’t need to repeat that sub-heading. Read it and weep you Republicans. Check out the poll if you don’t believe me. You’ll find that 55 percent of Americans believe it is possible to pass strong gun controls laws without violating the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

This doesn’t do us much good right now because the Republican Party is just too dumb and stubborn to change its approach to these kinds of issue – too remarkably “out of touch” to get back “in touch.” In the long run, however, I think we’re going to see a continuously weakening Republican Party as people of common sense just get plain old fed up with the conservative lingo that is meant only to protect the very wealthy and very big business owners.

Again, I’m no Nate Silver, but I get the feeling that reality is going to begin setting in for Republicans. It’s my thought that it will begin with political nut-cases like Congresswoman Bachmann, who is as out of touch as any politician I know and the voters of her district have awakened to that fact.

Democrats will do very well, I think, in the November 2014 elections. The country has wised up after its little flirtation with the Tea Party and ultra-conservatism. I’m not saying that nutty states like Mississippi and Oklahoma are going to change, but we will begin to see some border states and more populated and urban southern states begin to change their voting habits.

Listen here!
Is it too much to ask that members of Congress listen to their constituencies and forget about those folks in the minority who are padding their pockets and campaign coffers? Lots of money is not going to help in the next election! Truth will win out!

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