Saturday, April 18, 2009


Of course, that’s figuratively speaking!
by Charlie Leck

Our crazy Minnesota Congresswoman in the House of Representatives, Michelle Bachman, claimed a couple of weeks ago that Minnesotans had to be “armed and dangerous” when it came to resisting President Obama’s plan to control gas emissions into the atmosphere. Her office quickly explained that the Congresswoman was speaking figuratively, of course.

The fact is, Representative Bachman’s office staffers have got to be nimble on their feet in order to explain and rearrange their boss’s constantly incredible comments.

Let me speak figuratively here. Next year, when the Congresswoman runs for reelection, we’ve got to blow her out of the water. We must!

Michelle Bachman’s latest gaff was to claim that a group of Islamic imam, who were incorrectly and unjustly detained at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in 2006, had come to the Twin Cities to attend a victory celebration for our Congressman, who happens to be a Muslim, Keith Ellison.

Is anyone surprised that Ms. Bachman got it wrong again? They were actually here to attend a national conference of imams?

The facts don’t seem to make any difference to the Congresswoman.

A spokesperson from her office made an interesting comment, which is the reason for this blog, when he said: “Whether the six imams were here for a victory party or a conference where he was a featured speaker, it doesn’t change the premise of her comments.”

PREMISE! Wow! What a big, rich, meaningful word. In a surprise, pop quiz, I’d like to ask Michelle Bachman to define the word.

Congresswoman, it is either the major or the minor proposition of a syllogism upon which one draws the conclusion—one of the given propositions in a deductive discussion.

Now then, given that, I’d ask the Congresswoman to explain to me what the specific premise was of her comments here about the imams and Congressman Ellison.

“Please be very specific, Congresswoman – about the premise or premises of your comments, I mean!”

Man, oh man, are you kidding me or something. There was no premise – there were no premises! The woman is a complete nut-case. Let’s blow her out of the water, figuratively, of course.

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