Friday, April 17, 2009

Who the hell is Susan Boyle?

Yes? Hell yes, I vote YES!
by Charlie Leck

A friend here in the Twin Cities sent me an email at the end of this week that I immediately dumped into the trash file. It was something about something being “unbelievable, amazing and heartwarming.” Since he’s a guy who is always and only jabbing me with political snappers, I figured he was going overboard about something stupid again. As I clicked the trash button, however, a name in his attachment caught my eye – Susan Boyle.

That was odd, because I’d been catching glimpses of her name for a few days now. There was some babble on Facebook about her, too.

“Who the hell,” I wondered, “is Susan Boyle.”

Then, later in the same day that I so foolishly dumped Jon’s email, I saw a piece in the local paper about this English woman, Susan Boyle. There was her frumpy, chubby face starring out at me from the front page, leading me to a column by Andrew Eklund, a local advertising consultant with an outstanding reputation.

Eklund began by referring to a video he had watched “a dozen or so times.”

“What,” I said aloud! “What?”

Who watches a video “a dozen times or so.”

He provided a link (a clicker) and invited me to tap it and go watch the video myself. Have some tissues he cautioned. Watch it all he begged – don’t leave it until it’s over.

Well, it was a moment of truth for me. I was very much in the mood to forget it. There were editorials to read in the NY Times and a stunning headline on Alternet about the rising sea levels threatening coastal cities in America much sooner than we ever suspected.

I don’t like these American talent wonder shows (I can’t even think of their names) and now here was one that sounded like it was from the UK – Britain’s Got Talent.

I started to move on to another story, but Eklund sounded so damned adamant about watching Susan Boyle. What the hell? I did.

“Unbelievable, amazing and heartwarming.”

I guess I’d add stunning. I was stunned. I sat in my chair like a piece of concrete and hit the replay button time and time again. I did need a tissue. What had happened? How could so many smirks and titters be turned to gasps and standing ovations?

Susan Boyle is a wonder. I can’t get her off my mind. I hope she conquers the world. Go see for yourself. [Watch the video – all of it!]


  1. Hi, nice to see you joined the collective that is the Susan Boyle appreciation society :-)

    JUst wanted to point out thats she isn't English...she is Scottish...two very diferent things...bit like calling a Yank a Canadian or a Canadian a Yank...such a small point to make, I just, hope you don't mind the correction.

  2. I knew that... just a slip of the tongue... or the fingers on the keyboard...

    Wouldn't normally publish anonymous comments but this one seems innocent enough and does nail me for making a mistake.

    I'm one Yank who wouldn't take offense at being called a Canadian or a Canuck. I love the Canadians -- best people on God's good earth.