Saturday, April 11, 2009

Minnesota Without

My drawing is done from a Mordecai Specktor photograph in the American Jewish World magazine.

We have only one U.S. Senator representing us in Minnesota and the 6th Congressional District also has a vacancy and is without representation.
by Charlie Leck

At a snail’s pace, Minnesota is moving toward sending a second U.S. Senator to Washington. We’ve been under-represented in the Senate for three months now. Hopefully something good will come out of this debacle – like a modernized, infallible voting system that will be devised and put in place here before the 2010 national elections.

Though it’s a serious problem having only one Senator in Washington, causing our other Senator to bulk up her staff in order to respond to all the requests for help coming from all of us here in the state, it is nothing compared to the poor 6th Congressional District that is completely unrepresented in Washington.

You see, Michelle Bachman is the elected Representative in the House in that district – that’s Double-Zero Bachman (no brains, no heart). How could you folks up there in that part of the state ever elect such an idiot? Not only is she short on brain-matter, she’s keeps going on national TV and embarrassing all the rest of us here in the old home state.

Kevin Diaz, writing in our local StarTribune, calls her gaffs on these TV appearances “rhetorical grenades.”

Recently she complained that Obama was taking us “down the lane of economic Marxism.” Come on, Ms. Representative Bachman, it was your guy – the one you groped so publically in the aisle of the House – who started all this “bail-out” baloney. It was your guy who practically handed control of the nation over to corporate executives.

Most recently, Representative Bachman totally misunderstood the Chinese suggestion about replacing the dollar as the International Monetary Fund’s reserve currency for international investment. Poor Representative Bachman thought our Treasury Secretary was considering replacing the home currency – the good old dollar – and she introduced a resolution to prohibit removing the dollar as the legal U.S. tender. Oops!

We haven’t seen anything like Michelle Bachman in Congress since….. Well, since…. Well, in fact, we’ve never seen anything like Michelle Bachman in or out of the Congress.

Remember back in October when she ruminated aloud about Obama being anti-American!

Though there are videos everywhere that give witness to Bachman actually saying just that, she later suggested the claim was just “urban legend.”

She’s also suggested that earmarks are corrupt. Oops! Congressman Bachman was reminded that she had taken nearly four million dollars in earmarks. Now she’s pledged never to do it again. Oh boy! Her district is staggering over that blow to the jaw.

Recently, something she said sent most of us into hiding because we were too embarrassed to show our faces.

"I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on the issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back.”
Congresswoman Bachman, you are armed and dangerous – that mouth of yours in more dangerous than anything in the state except you brain.

Congress recently raised funds for the popular Americorp Program. That move won great praise from many people. From Bachman it received a stinging, solely partisan criticism. She claimed Americorp camps would be set up to indoctrinate young people to be liberals.

Come on, you folks there in the 6th District, enough is enough. Your joke is getting pretty stale. Elect a Republican if you want to; but, please, give us one with a brain.

Tom Horner, owner of a local public relations firm and highly regarded as a Republican political analyst, even disowned the Congressional Representative this week, saying he disapproved of her approach to politics. You can click below to listen to the broadcast.

Don't want to listen to the entire broadcast? Here’s what the Republican, Horner, said about Bachman:
“She is an embarrassment to some Republicans, (uhm) myself included. I think that what she does moves away from being an opposition member who is going to elevate principles and issues to a person has who has decided that as a second term member of Congress from a rural district in Minnesota her chance for the limelight is to be intentionally provocative and I think she does it in a way that is designed to exploit fears, to exploit mistrust in government, to do all of the kinds of things that America does not need right now if it ever needs. And, unfortunately, she taps into a sentiment of mistrust and cynicism that is very, very strong and runs deep. I don’t think that’s what the Republicans ought to be doing and I don’t think it’s how we ought to be defined and I think we need some leadership in this party who is going to stand up and say, ‘Michelle Bachman is not my kind of Republican.’"
As strong as Horner's statement is, in my mind that’s an understatement.

But all of this makes the other party look pretty bad also. That a candidate as weak as Bachman can be elected and then reelected up there in that district is an indication that the Democratic Party (the DFL) is mighty weak up there and some reorganization is called for.

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