Monday, April 27, 2009

The First 100 Days

No President in the last 75 years has come into office facing the kind of problems President Obama has faced. How’d he do?
by Charlie Leck

The Obama health care plan has been the victim of these bad times. As a candidate, Obama had promised that a strong health care plan would be one of his first legislative initiatives. It hasn’t been. Nevertheless, the President gets a strong grade for his first 100 days in the White House.

One achievement stands at the top of the list in spite of a near total lack of cooperation from the opposition party. President Obama has held the nation together.

George W. Bush, his administration and the Republican Party gave the new President a nation in chaos.

We’re still reeling, but we’re also still standing – and, we appear to be getting stronger.

We’ve piled on the debt, but it was a necessity. Now Obama wants to build a plan to take the debt down. Everyone, in this process, is going to need to make sacrifices. And here’s the straight news, Republicans: This includes the wealthy of the nation. To rebuild America we must all make sacrifices that 10 years ago we never dreamed would be asked of us.

We’ve got some tough days ahead, but it appears the nation has confidence in this new leadership and nothing is more important than that.

When this nation believes in itself, it can honestly achieve almost anything.

What I’m most proud of!
The other great nations of the world are coming back to us. Obama’s trip through Europe was an extraordinary event. Both the President and the First Lady wowed the leadership and the people of Europe. This was more important than we’ll realize until history looks back on the event. We have friends and allies again and an opportunity to regain their respect. It ranks as Obama’s most extraordinary achievement.

A stuttering start to the first 100 days!
The Obama team stuttered getting started and stumbled coming out of the starting gate. Some of their failures in vetting their top appointments were tragic. A less stable leader might have lost it right then. This President held himself and his team together and they moved through that period and began to build strength. It gives me confidence that Obama will be able to weather the tough times that are ahead.

Boys, we’ve got ourselves a Captain and he’s worth following. Too bad the Republicans won’t help.

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