Thursday, April 9, 2009

To: Anonymous Pig!

The auto-comment machine strikes again!
by Charlie Leck

I received a comment at my blog this morning and I have a feeling dozens or even hundreds of other bloggers received the same long diatribe about everything that is wrong with the cheating, miserable world today. There were actually a few points along the way with which I agreed. Yet, it was a ceaseless rant that was filled with venom and hate and, in the end, was cowardly unsigned.

The writer tagged on a little notice.
“My right to remain anonymous is protected by federal law. If this right is violated, I will sue everyone involved and give 99% of the reward directly to less fortunate fellow citizens. The rest, I will used to print and distribute more copies of this document. DEAL WITH IT.”
Bring it on big guy! Bring it on! Come on into my pigsty here and let’s have it out.

There are a bunch of weirdos out there who try to dump comments on hundreds of blogs all at the same time. Usually they are promoting some kind of commercial interest. Others are just hate filled rants that someone who doesn't have the nerve to start his/her own blog is trying to dump on mine and many others.

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