Friday, October 14, 2011

Can Obama Be Reelected?

It appears the odds are against the reelection of President Obama, but what if....?
by Charlie Leck

Somewhere in the last two days I heard some talking head – and I really can’t remember who it was – say that “the chances of Obama being reelected are no better than 1 in 5 and probably worse!”

I think those odds are about correct, but I keep asking myself what could happen that might change that and give Obama a real shot? I can see some of these scenarios actually happening while others are really, really, really long-shots!

The economy gets a sudden jolt and begins to roar!
Most economists say it won’t happen, but I say it’s not impossible! Crazier things have happened. I have a theory about this economic downtown. I think it’s driven by strong psychological conditions. It’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy of the business world. The folks who pull the levers of the economy may be getting tired of the negative bull-shit and they might not be able to wait out another year of this stuff. The bull might be getting tired of being penned up is what I’m saying; and he might just begin knocking down his gate so he can escape and get into the pasture with some of those pretty cows.

If this should happen the cranky people on the right will lose their primary argument and Obama could soar to victory. Chances? Pretty slim!

What if the common voter really gets tired of the viciousness of the Tea Party types?
There is a greater chance that this might take place than the scenario I paint immediately above. There is a lot of restlessness about the Tea Party and some of its idiotic pronouncements. Plenty of voters are tired of the political hate mongers who seem to have taken over public debates. I harbor this hope that real people don’t like American politics right now and they are blaming it on the right. Some of these folks are even admitted Republicans. They may want to remove the Tea Party threat.

There is a chance that Americans are getting sick of their country going backwards and not progressing!
Why must we give up so much when it could be easily paid for by raising more revenue? We should have the greatest services and benefits for our citizens than any nation on earth. At the moment, we do not. What if Joe Voter says he wants more resources for educating our children and not less? What if this same guy demands competition for America’s airlines? He may realize that there are nations on earth with much better mass transit systems that he has available! Perhaps Joe will want better and more affordable health care after all! Why are we canceling plans to build new schools and libraries and why are classroom sizes soaring while, at the same time, corporate heads are pulling down bonuses in the hundreds of millions of dollars?

And what if the people of this nation suddenly realize that the Supreme Court put too much political power in the arms and hands of corporate America?
This awakening may happen! It’s what the Occupy Wall Street Movement is all about, I think. If people who are now cheering the Republicans suddenly realize that the right wing is being run and controlled by corporate America, maybe there will be a hard swing back toward President Obama!

What if the Republican Party nominates as its presidential candidate someone who can not win the confidence of the people of this nation?
Now we are talking of real possibilities – and I mean it! The candidates that the GOP is currently considering are not strong. They all have weaknesses and President Obama may eat them up in the big national debates. A couple of the strongest Republican candidates (Christy of New Jersey and Daniels of Indiana) declined to run. The remainder each has easily exposed weaknesses.

What if the masses suddenly decide to rise up and carry Obama back to the White House?
Don’t think it can’t happen! If the little men and women in this country get their backs up and determine that big companies are not going to dictate who runs the country, things could get very interesting. What happens if millions and millions of folks begin sending President Obama whatever few bucks they can afford? Obama’s fund raising machine may get rolling again and many, many dollars raised will be indicative of more interest in his reelection than the media has realized or predicted.

There is still a lot of time for anything to happen!
I guaranty it! This is not a closed case. There is still plenty of time for anything to happen and I know one thing for sure: The GOP has kicked away sure things in the past and they could do it again. The common man is being taken for granted by the Republican Party and that just might make him madder than hell!


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