Monday, October 17, 2011

Minneapolis Photo Center

This is probably a blog that only residents of this area near Minneapolis will find interesting; however, if you really love photography you might want to read along!
by Charlie Leck

I spent a wonderful day on this past Saturday at the Minneapolis Photo Center (MPC). It’s located in northeast Minneapolis (2400 North Second Street… on the second floor). It’s a learning center, an exhibit center and a resource center.

I took an all day class on Saturday, trying to push my skills in using my wonderful camera a little more beyond the auto/program settings. It was a good experience and I discovered my camera can go far beyond what I had imaged.

If you appreciate photography, you’ll be happy that MPC is in existence. The center showcases the talents of extremely good photographers and often exhibits their works within the center. For instance, Annie Griffiths will be the featured photographer at an exhibit on October 28th (an event I will unfortunately not be able to attend because of another commitment). Griffiths was on the first women photographers to work at National Geographic. Among her photographic stories for the magazine are ones about Lawrence of Arabia, Baja California, Galilee, Petra and Jerusalem. She is a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers. If you want more information about Griffith’s appearance at MPC you can find it here.

For a very nominal fee, I enjoy a splendid class that included a terrific lunch and an opportunity to shoot photographs of a professional model in a variety of lighting set ups.

Orin Rutchick and his wife Abby are the founders of MPC and they are very involved in its every day operations. Orin graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and has 35 years experience as a professional photographer, graphic designer and art director. His vision is that the center will be a spot where photographers might learn together and grow together. Abby is a solid business woman and she applies those skills to the center’s operations.

I’ll be spending some of my time at the center in the future and I’d love to introduce some of my photographically inclined friends to what the center has to offer.

Here are a few of the results I got yesterday during my class.


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