Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Skeptics about Global Warming are just Dead Wrong!

“Now let me explain why you should not be a skeptic, at least not any longer.”
by Charlie Leck

Don Shelby, a hot-shot newsman up here in Minnesota, wrote a very interesting story on the MinnPost site that I want to recommend to you. It’s about one of the most prominent scientist-global-warming-skeptics who has now admitted he was wrong! Richard A Muller is a professor of physics at the University of California and leads the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project (BEST) that the crowd of nay-sayers about global warming were betting on to prove that warming is a bunch of hokey. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Muller was led to quite the opposite conclusion.

It’s a very important and interesting story and Shelby has written it well. Be sure to read it – especially if you’ve had doubts about global warming!

The Koch brothers are significant funders of BEST. I gave you a long dose about them and their quirky political positions in yesterday’s blog. They can’t be happy about Muller’s new position.

Here are some interesting comments from Shelby about this…

“In other words, the skeptical funders of the study just backed the wrong horse. Charles Koch helped pay for a study that says everything Charles Koch believes in is wrong.

“Over his career, Muller has said so many awful things about so many good scientists that they are not likely to let him off the hook. Grudges are hard things to let go. But I hold no grudge against Muller, even though his behavior, on occasion, has been ungentlemanly and hurtful. So, let me say it takes guts for Muller to stand up and say he was wrong. I admire facts and knowledge, and apparently, so does Muller. He couldn't run from them. No one can, no matter how hard we try to wish them away, no matter how much the facts harm our vested interests, your political leanings or how often you argued with your brother-in-law about the poor quality of the temperature measurements. It made you sound smart, then.

Shelby then goes on to say some interesting and important things about skepticism itself. It’s really good reading! Go for it!


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