Sunday, October 2, 2011

What a Lovely Trip!

Prague from a tower on the Charles Bridge, looking toward Old Town!

Geez, I had a really neat time on our little trip last month!
by Charlie Leck

I keep thinking about what a wonderful time I had in France and Prague at the beginning of September.

My wife wielded the camera over there and I can't take credit for any of these lovely shots, but I keep going back to them, to remember the trip and to savor it a bit longer.

A tram in Prague and the entrance to our hotel is between the lamps to the right!

I'm posing carefully at a modern art museum in Prague!

A view from Charles Bridge Tower over Lesser Town in Prague

The beautiful wedding couple and their macaroon wedding cakes in Puyricard, France

My cousin Joe and his beautiful daughter in the Church before the wedding!


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