Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scripture Can Stir One

I don’t read scripture much anymore; yet there are a few blogs that feed me solid and thoughtful scriptural material. Sometimes I’m really grabbed and stirred by these.
by Charlie Leck

I used to read a lot of scripture. I haven’t kept that up and I pull a Bible off the shelf only on rare occasions anymore. Yet, I do pay attention to a couple of blogs that are based on scriptural studies and occasionally something shows up on one of them that really grabs me – like the following verse from the prophet Isaiah:

“You are a refuge to poor people, refuge to the needy in their distress, shelter in the storm, shade from the heat – for the breath of the ruthless is like an ice storm or a scorching drought. You subdue the roar of the enemy, and the mantra of tyrants is stilled.”
[Isaiah 25:4-5 in the Inclusive Bible]

Is Isaiah talking about God – or is it we, you and I?

And, if he is talking about God, who do you think God is but the core of our faith and our own being, who is made manifest by us and what we do with our lives?

I wish those who constantly lay claim to faithfulness to God would give some serious thought to verses like this one.

Oh, my! Did you read it as I did? Did it startle you as it did me?

“for the breath of the ruthless is like an ice storm or a scorching drought.”


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