Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let me explain Ron Paul

Ron Paul doesn't fit the political mold!
by Charlie Leck

Ron Paul’s rather sudden surge in the Iowa caucus campaign is rather surprising to me; however, I think Paul can do better in a caucus state than he will in a straight primary election situation.
There are things I admire about Ron Paul. There are, however, more things that make me worry about him and reject him as a potential President of the United States. I hope the voters never let it happen and I believe ardently that it will never happen.

Should Iran really be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon?
That’s just one of the questions you need to ask when you think about Ron Paul as President. Ron Paul, a very strict libertarian, thinks that this is a matter for Iran to decide and that the United States has no authority over that nation and its policies. Whew! That’s just what we need – another half dozen crazy nations in possession of nuclear weapons.

It’s because of positions like this that I’ll tell you right now that Ron Paul doesn’t have a tinker’s chance of winning the Republican endorsement to run for the Presidency. So, why should I write a blog about him, explaining him to you?

That’s a dang good question and I can’t give you a good answer; therefore, I’ll be brief.
He is widely separated from the general Republican view on the military and foreign wars.
Ron Paul has strange attitudes and opinions about Iran and Iraq that don’t square with those of the American public and especially with general Republican positions.

Ron Paul is strong opponent of the Patriot Act.
Wow! Progressives take note. I like that! However, you can bet the general, run-of-the-mill Republican voters do not agree with that.

And, understand that Ron Paul opposes the Patriot Act because of his position on individual civil liberties; that is, he claims to support individual freedom. Uhm, what? (Regard the following…)

He also opposes abortion rights and he wants Roe v. Wade repealed.
In fact, Ron Paul favors limiting federal power and not an actual protection of individual rights. Just understand his position on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He strongly disagrees with this historic, landmark legislation and claims that the legislation “did not improve race relations or enhance freedom.” He went on to say that it has “increased racial tensions while diminishing individual liberty.”

Ron Paul is an isolationist
and he opposes multilateral international organizations (NATO and the UN). He would have us leave all international organizations and withdraw from all our global alliances – the World Health organization as well as the organizations mentioned immediately above. Paul toughly questions foreign wars and America’s international policy.

Dr. Paul opposes immigration.
He also wants to eliminate our constitutional policy of birthright citizenship.

He supports legalizing marijuana.
Believe me, that’s why he has some strange supporters who think he’s wonderful. As Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post has said: “I think Ron Paul has the Ron Paul supporters – many of whom are not Republicans.”

Ron Paul champions smaller government
calling for the elimination of the IRS, the Federal Reserve and the Department of Education – and many others, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). He introduced a bill to eliminate OSHA in 1976 and it didn’t even make it to the House floor.

Ron Paul as a legislator
is nothing to brag about. “David Fahrenthold [Washington Post] reported that just four of the 620 Paul-sponsored measures have made it to the House floor for a vote, and only one has become law.” He opposes federal flood insurance and farm subsidies. He voted against funding for the victims of Hurricane Katrina: Ron Paul asked on the floor of the House: “Is bailing out people that chose to live on the coastline a proper function of the federal government? Why do people in Arizona have to be robbed in order to support the people of the coast?”

Ron Paul is remarkably consistent.
He very rarely contradicts himself. He seems driven by this statement: “But I think the important thing is, the philosophy I’m talking about is, the Constitution and freedom.”

Ron Paul advocates a return to the gold standard.
I’m not an economic genius, so I withhold judgment on that. There are plenty of people on both sides of that issue.

That’s my little sketch of Ron Paul. He frightens me as most pure libertarians do. I think Americans are too smart to be fooled by him and his craziness. I hope so.

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  1. Ron Paul wants his cake and wants to eat it too. He has pluses and minuses but they all add up to zero. Doctors make the lousiest politicians.