Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

I’m taking a vacation from my blog for a few days and I know you’ll understand.
by Charlie Leck

It’s Christmas morning and the house is still quiet. Everyone except for me is sleeping. I am wide awake and pleased with the way the living room looks. Santa Claus has been here and he has left overflowing stockings for everyone. I’ve peeked into my stocking and notice that Santa brought me lots of photography accessories for my camera – and a book of American short stories as well.

The Vikings won a game yesterday against the Washington Redskins! (Can you believe it?)

Our littlest one got in quite late last night on a flight from New York City. She’s brought a boy friend home with her. Mother went to the airport to get them. I was sound asleep. Santa’s helpers work awfully hard and I just ran out of gas.

The tree is beautiful. Outside, there is no snow. The weatherman is claiming we’ll have temperatures in the 40s – here in Minnesota! Imagine!

The dawn is just breaking. (I know there's an ungodly post-time listed for this blog, but that's California time, where this blog is posted by Google, but here the sky is beginning to lighten.) In the backyard, 18 wild turkeys are strutting along the edge of the woods at the bottom of the hill. I can see them from here and they are beautiful. They are heading to the big corn crib in the north pastures. I think they’ll have a nice Christmas. I hope you do, too.

I won’t be back for a few days. I want to spend time with my visiting family. I’ll resume blogging on Thursday or Friday. By then, there will be plenty to write about.

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