Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Payroll Tax Cut

There is a strange argument going on in Washington about the renewal of the payroll tax cut for the middle class!
by Charlie Leck

There’s a strange debate (or argument) going on among Republicans and Democrats in Washington right now – very, very strange indeed! It’s the veriest!

Here’s how it shakes out. The Republicans will want to extend tax cuts for the wealthy when the time comes around in a couple of months BECAUSE it will be good for the economy – just as they extended those cuts a few months ago. The wealthy will invest in the American economy, they say, and that creates job and economic activity. However, the Republicans do NOT want to extend payroll tax cuts for the middle class BECAUSE that will not be good for the economy since it will just drive up deficits.

Shake your finger at them, Mr. President. Shame, shame, shame! Shame on you!

Make sure the American public knows just which side the Republican Party is on! Don’t let them off the political hook on this one.

John Boehner
The House Speaker, Mr. Boehner, is showing his stripes in this debate and he’s proving to the public that he is not a real leader in the House. A few days ago he was all in favor of extending these middle class cuts. Now, as he sees and feels the temperament and desires of House Republicans, he is reversing field and trying to defend himself. The new, freshman Tea Party representatives have put the squeeze on Boehner and he is acquiescing to their desires
If the Republicans really fail to extend these cuts they will be damaging their chances in the 2012 elections to a degree that is really unimaginable. The power of the vote is the one great advantage that the poor and the middle class have in this nation. If they feel that power, and flex that muscle, the Republican Party will be devastated next November.

This country is being done great damage by a handful of Tea Party representatives and Boehner should not be letting them get away with it; however, the Speaker is a hollow shell and cannot do what needs to be done – that is, lead!

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