Thursday, December 15, 2011

Politics once led A Wonderful Life

I can remember when politics was positive – when parties competed to present the best ideas to grow the nation and secure the futures of all the people! They were the good old days!
by Charlie Leck

I’ve become a follower of the bog of Minnesota’s former Governor, Arne Carlson (Governor Arne Carlson). His blog this morning is Bedford Falls or Pottersville. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It says everything that I’ve been trying to say about the weird direction of state and national politics.

“…Republicans produced an endless array of truly talented legislators from all over Minnesota who came to our capital city to govern and always with an eye to the future. Simply put, Republicans, like their counterparts, the Democrats, felt that good politics stemmed from the competition of good ideas that produced quality governance.

“And in this mix, leaders from every walk of life and every profession from medicine to agriculture participated. There seemed to be a sense of obligation to give something of oneself in order to build a better community for our children.”

Please go to this blog and read it – and it doesn’t matter if you are from Minnesota or not! It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat. This is a statement that we’ve got to force our politicians to heed.

Unfortunately, Carlson is a hollow and little heard voice in the Republican Party these days. Not too much attention will be paid to this message by the current handlers of his former party. That’s too bad! I long for the days when Republicans and Democrats could talk to each other and not despise each other.

Carlson is leaving behind an enormous and positive legacy. He is hailed by many in our state as its finest governor ever!

I have a feeling – I just have a sneaky feeling – that a new day is not so far ahead; it’ll be a day when the people clean house and bring leaders to prominence in both parties who will again practice the gentle art of political compromise and cooperation.


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