Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life without a Senator

Sometimes I moan about life without both U.S. Senators, but then we could have two and it might be worse….
by Charlie Leck

I occasionally get upset that my state has only one U.S. Senator representing it – it really doesn’t seem fair to you either, I’ll bet – and then I think of a state like poor Georgia, represented by Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, and realize that at least we’ve got one Senator. Georgia may as well have none. That’s true of Mississippi as well. The people of Mississippi may as well have no representation in the Senate at all – with Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran serving there.

Yikes, some Senators are really bad. Perhaps you don’t spend any time watching these guys in action or reading about them. Unfortunately, I do. Some of these Senators are laughable and you can only ask yourself how they ever got elected. David Vitter is one of these and proof that a “pretty face does not a good Senator make.” This guy tows, tows, tows the party line and I doubt he’s ever had a completely original thought in his life. Poor Louisiana, they’re worse off than Minnesota.

Some states should be ashamed of themselves – like the one that elected Richard Burr to the U.S. Senate. This guy is close to being empty headed and doesn’t seem to have any principles of his own upon which he’ll take a stand. Everything he says is pabulum fed to him by the national party.

And who mind you is Richard Barrasso who hides behind a door in the Senator Office Building with his name on it? Will someone please pinch him to see if there is life in him! Does he have a pulse? A brain wave?

You see what I’m getting at? We may have only one Senator sitting in the U.S. Senate compared to every other state in the nation with two, but our single Senator is a corker. She’s creative and has a solid brain to work with. She’s loaded with compassion and understands the needs of the American people at all income levels. Amy Klobuchar is a Senator par excellance! She has enormous potential and it is easy to visualize her in the White House. That’s not predicting that she’ll make a run, but it’s good to think you have a Senator with the ability to do it.

As for our Senator in waiting, it appears the Republican Party (RNC) just keeps pouring money into Minnesota in order to delay the day on which he’ll finally be seated. Politico reported that the RNC just handed over $250,000 for Coleman's legal fees. The Republicans have tried to raise money to support the Coleman legal expenses across a wide, diverse base of the population in Minnesota. That’s failed. They can only bring in money from the Minnesota Fat Cats and the national party coffers.

Oh yes, I forgot another good example. Better one Senator than having a guy like Roland Burris, the Senator from Illinois, representing us. Can you believe this guy is a Democrat? That funny Governor from Illinois – excuse me, former Governor – had just one more funny joke to play on his state! Many Senate leaders are now wondering whether they blew it by seating Burris.

Well, while we wait for Franken to take his seat, go catch up with what he’s thinking. Mark Green, of Air America Media, recently interviewed him and I saw the transcript published on AlterNet. [Go here if you’d like to read it.]

If you want to read a good blog on the Franken/Coleman recount,
read this one at Prairie Ponderings.

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