Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Woman of the House is a Fraud!

Thank goodness there is a truth squad following Representative Michelle Bachman because the woman is not only loopy, but she's also a fraud.
by Charlie Leck

Okay! Okay! I'm ready!

"My name is Charles Leck and I am from Minnesota."

Whew! It's a relief to spit it out and own up to it. It's somewhat embarrassing and also quite shameful, but it's better to get it out than to keep it all bottled up inside.

This is the state that sent Michelle Bachman to Congress. Sorry! The only redemption I can find in this revolting development is that she is not my Congresswoman!

Here's the amazing thing about Bachman. She's a fraud! She says things that are patently untrue. I think she does all her issue research by listening to the Rush Limbaugh radio show.

Because quite a few people believe her, she's also dangerous.

Thank goodness a few people are keeping a close eye on her and pointing out her lies when she tells them.

A blog called is one of them. If you have Minnesota connections you might want to check in with them from time to time. Go ahead! Create a bookmark for this blog somewhere.

So, what's Michelle been up to lately? In a local radio interview up here on the tundra she vented about President Obama's stimulus plan. It had to be, as Keith Olbermann characterized it, one of the craziest political interviews in the history of the nation.

Here are some of the zany things sweet, little Michelle said in that interview...

Billions, she claimed, are going to ACORN
that community organizing group... "This is the community organizer in chief paying off his best friends."

Socialized Medicine is decreed by the bill
and a national rationing board, rather than your doctor, will make decisions about your health care. "It's breathtaking what they have done!"

The Obama administration is going to redraw congressional district boundaries
and will set up an insurmountable Democratic majority using the "mother lode" of data from the census.

We're running out of rich people because of Obama
so there really isn't anywhere for him to find all the money to fund this bill. "Under Obama, Big-Evil is anyone with a combined income of $100,000 or more."

Do I need explain?
Now, my readers are generally a very highly educated, well-read, perceptive and intelligent group of people -- except for you, of course, Fred -- and I really don't need to explain the fraud behind these wacky comments by Representative Bachman; however, for Fred, I'll break them down.

Billions to ACORN, a community organizing group that seeks to make sure the generally underrepresented (poor, homeless, minorities) get out to vote, is something totally untrue. No funds are ear-marked for ACORN. The only bit of truth in the statement is that some grant money could go to the group if they apply for it and have their grant application approved. A spokesman right from Bachman's office put it this way:
"...there is no precise provision that a certain amount of money would go directly to ACORN. However, the $2 billion that was passed in the final stimulus bill will go towards the Neighborhood Stabilization Program from which ACORN will like receive money."
Oh, that's quite a revision of the Representative's initial statement that billions will go to ACORN. Yet, in actuality, ACORN may not receive any moneys at all because all eyes will be on any approval of their grant applications and the pressure will likely cause those applications to be denied.

Socialized medicine isn't even national health care. Not yet! The inspiration behind these Bachman statements come from Betsy McCaughey, a former Lieutenant Governor of New York who is now receiving significant remuneration from America's drug companies and who makes all kinds of wild-ass comments about impending socialized medicine. In fact, there are no provisions in the bill to set up a new health care system. There are significant funds allocated for research into the best and most effective means for delivering high quality health care to all Americans.

The census? My goodness, Representative Bachman, even a beginning civics student learns that it is the states that draw congressional district boundaries and not the federal government. You dodo!

We're running out of rich people! I don't need to explain the stupidity behind this statement even to Fred. The multi-million dollar bonuses just keep coming, even to the CEOs of companies that are on the brink of failure -- regard Merrill-Lynch!

Now, listen all you incredible jerks up there in Bachman's congressional district, and get this straight: You're at fault here! You elected her in spite of blatant evidence you had before you that she is an idiot with a dangerous loud mouth and loose tongue. Now, pay attention to her so you can come to grips with just what a dope she is and how dangerous it is to have a person like this running loose in Congress. Get it figured out and make sure this is her last term of office. I don't care about Democrat or Republican, just no more idiots -- please!

And you in the Democratic Party, pick a good candidate to go up against her and then just tell the rest of us where to send our money.

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