Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Readers are Obviously Readers

Images from web site of Three Cups of Tea

I was, indeed, trailing behind the vast number of my readers who have, long before I, read the wonderful book by Greg Mortenson.
by Charlie Leck

No blog of mine has ever brought as much response from readers as the one from a couple of days ago about THREE CUPS OF TEA, a book by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. Most of you wanted to know where I’ve been. “Are you just now reading this book that has been so acclaimed for over a year?”

As Jackie Gleason used to say, “Excuuuuuuuuuuse me!”

How shall I pay for my sins?

Here’s a possibility! I have, stacked on my desk, 10 copies of THREE CUPS OF TEA. They are available, totally free, to the first 10 of you who ask for a copy. I’ll even pay the postal charges to get it to you.

I have only one condition:
Read it and then pass it on to someone else to read! Maybe that’s two conditions! Nothing more though! Email me at and ask for a copy and I’ll send it… if you are the 20th requester I’ll just buy 10 more copies. I think it is just that important. Put your address in your email so I can mail it to you.

Remember, read it and pass it on to someone else!

This is a very, very special book and I want Americans of all sorts and types to read it. I’m trying to play a little part in encouraging that.

I gave a copy to another friend this afternoon and this was his idea: “I’m going to sign my copy with my name and address. After I read it, I’m going to give it to my friend, Shiela, and ask her to read it and sign her name and address and pass it on and ask each person who gets it to put their name and address in it… it would be wonderful some day to find out just how far it’s traveled and how many names it gathers!” [If that kind of thing fascinates you, you should know about Book Crossings.]

Good idea, Rod! Do it!


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  1. I'm in if you still have any copies left. I hadn't yet found it on amazon, since I'm about to move. But I will read it and pass it on, in fact I've already posted your comments on it on our church blog site, hope that was okay.

    Let me know, Martha Brown

    PS, Kathryn say's "Hi, to uncle