Friday, February 27, 2009

What the Heck is Facebook?

And why would I care? I don’t get it!
by Charlie Leck

Well, I broke down! I gave in! I created a Facebook account?


Because a number of people kept sending me emails telling me that I was listed as a friend on Facebook. Recently a new acquaintance from Luxembourg added me as a Facebook friend (Ff). I’d better see about this.

I heard the President has a Facebook account and so do lots of other distinguished and important people. I simply gave in!

So, now I’m on Facebook!

You know what? I haven’t the slightest idea what good it will do me or where I go from here with it. I can only assume Facebook is far too advanced for a person my age.

Maybe one of my Ffs, like Gina… or Spencer… or Patty… will help me figure it out. I keep hearing “it’s fun” but I guess I’ve got a lot to learn.

I’ll bet there’s even a book on the market called “Facebook for Dummies.” Can you imagine?

I created some kind of feed on Facebook today that is suppose to notify my friends whenever I post a new blog; so maybe a few of my Ffs will help me figure this out.

To those of my readers who think I’m an idiot for doing this, I think I concur!

I feel a bit like the book dealer at Majors & Quinn, when he wrote about joining Facebook on his blog (SOCIAL NETWORKING FOR INTROVERTS):

“God help me, I’ve started a facebook page… I can’t pretend to know how facebook works… Friend us, write on our wall, and watch as a cardigan-wearing introvert bookstore employee dips his toe into the world of social networking. It should be fun.”
The Pope, you know, to whom I never pay attention, has warned us that “obsessive” use of Facebook could isolate us from real interaction! I’ll be careful about that.

For the moment, I go to Facebook, log in and then stare at the page, wondering what I'm to do next. Pretty exciting.

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