Monday, May 16, 2011


How about a really great feel good moment!
by Charlie Leck

National Public Radio made a really, fantastic, wonderful feel-good moment available to us on video this week. I just watched it and then rewatched it and had a blast – jumpin’ and groovin’ and laughin’ my heart out. I can’t recommend it enough.

It seems Paul Simon was in Toronto last week doing a concert and he did something very, very touching for his audience. A fan hollered up from the audience, asking him to play his 1972 hit song, Duncan. He got into a bit of a dialogue with the girl, obviously too young to have been around back then, and she told him she learned to play a guitar to that song. So, this extraordinary performer from my young era agrees to perform it and even goes the girl one better. He calls her up on the stage to take his guitar and perform it herself.

You’ll see on the video that she is quite overwhelmed and frightened when she climbs up on the stage. Her heart is pounding and you can see her lips quivering and her hands shaking. She actually appeared to be near feinting, but Simon encourages her and patiently gives her time to settle down. Let me tell you, it turns out to be a wonderful, very special 6 minutes.

You’ll need to be patient with her, too. She needs time to settle in and get comfortable. I’ll tell you, I have never seen a more excited or happier person that this young woman.

It’s my special gift to you today – this really wonderful, feel-good moment. [NPR’s All Songs Considered made the video available!]


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