Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trumping Donald

If you think this is piling on – after the guy is down – you are absolutely correct!
by Charlie Leck

I don’t care for Donald Trump. I think he’s an enormous phony in both his personal and business life. He’s a master at adjusting the mirrors and fanning the smoke just enough to confuse what otherwise might be a clear view of his phoniness.

The latest, really great bad news for Trump comes from a Washington Post story in this morning’s (Sunday’s) newspaper: DONALD TRUMP SAYS HE’S AN ENVIRONMENTALIST; OTHERS BEG TO DIFFER.

If you want more reasons to detest Donald Trump, I suggest you read the story.

For some unknown, but likely deep-seeded psychopathic, reason, Donald Trump started building golf courses several years ago. They are always classified at luxury golf courses, reserved for the play of the very rich. He’s built them on both coasts and even in Scotland. In nearly every case, he’s made neighbors furious with his invasion of their back yards.

His escapade in Scotland inspired a documentary film, YOU’VE BEEN TRUMPED, that has been playing to sold-out crowds at a film festival in Toronto. Here’s a review of the documentary as it appeared on the Sheffield Doc/Fest web site.

“His terrible toupee might be a joke, but to residents of the Menie estate on the northeast coast of Scotland, Donald Trump is no laughing matter. The flamboyant billionaire businessman is determined to build the world’s greatest golf coast on their land, complete with a massive luxury hotel. The proposal should be preposterous – this is one of Britain's very last stretches of wilderness, and a protected conservation area. But the Scottish government, desperate to bring jobs to the region, have overturned its own environmental laws to give Trump the green light. Now Trump is running roughshod over anyone remaining in his path – including longterm residents whose homes threaten to mar the view. When local filmmaker Antony Baxter begins investigating the dispute, he finds himself abruptly arrested by police at Trump’s beck and call. This storyline might eerily mirror the classic film Local Hero, which was shot here, but for those interested in protecting Britain’s environment, there is no happy ending in sight.

“I have a great environmental record,” Trump boasts. “I have a record that, in my opinion, everybody would love.”

Of course, the operative phrase above is: “…in my opinion!”

The Washington Post piece points out Trump’s tendency to fly in private jets, cutting down trees by giant groves for his golf courses and his call to strip Al Gore of his Nobel Peace Prize.

Trump built a 36 hole, very private and very expensive golf course near my home town in New Jersey. The construction destroyed many beautiful, mature trees and illegally (it appears) disturbed important wetlands. Trump brags about its bird sanctuary and the private walking paths across the property. A local, however, calls it “eco-Disney.” It requires 69 million gallons of water per year to maintain the course. The Upper Raritan Watershed Association says that strains the local aquifer.

Trump, of course, calls the claim bogus – even as he claims global warming is bogus.

This might be a story you’d like to follow and I can’t wait to see the documentary about Trump’s stupidity in Scotland; however, in all honesty I must tell you that a huge number of the reader’s comments about this Washington Post story call it whacko reporting by the liberal, biased press. Oh, my!


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