Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Lusty Month of May

It’s Mother’s Day and it’s always a lovely, peaceful and happy day around here!
by Charlie Leck

Happy, happy Mother’s Day to every one of you mothers out there! And I mean it. Thank goodness for mothers, no? They add such happiness and wholesomeness to the world.

We’re going to a brunch today hosted by a couple of the children to honor some invited mothers and mothers-in-law. It should be very nice. Though the kids are picking up the tab, I’ve got some lovely corsages to give to each of the ladies and I’m also giving them a box of note cards that are my own creation.

I’m in a giving mood today, so any of you who respond to this post today (on Mother’s Day – 8 May 2011), I’ll send you a box of the note cards as a gift also. Just bear in mind that the note cards have a local theme about them, but they are my own photographs and creations. You’ll find an email link at the end of this blog and that might be the easiest way to request your note cards and provide me with a mailing address. Don't be bashful! I'd love to send you a box of these cards whether you're a mother or not. There's 10 cards in each box and they include appropriate envelopes.

It’s a very beautiful morning in Minnesota and it has me in a good mood. I’m spending a few moments remembering my own mother. I keep a photo of her here are my desk. It was taken of
her quite a few years before I was born. She’s probably 19 years old or so in it. She’s wearing one of those roaring twenties outfits and looking cool and jazzy, man.

She was a tough mother. There were only one set of rules as far as she was concerned and they were hers. Discussions and arguments about those rules were not allowed. Each of us (my brothers and sister and I) felt the sting of her hair-brush on our backsides at least once in our lives. I don’t ever remember her telling me that she loved me, though I’m certain she did.

I tried to learn from that and I’ve made sure my own kids have heard my expressions of love many, many times.

My old lady departed my life much too early. She spent the last nine or ten years of her life with serious illnesses and lots of pain. She was only 49 when she died and I was still a very stupid and silly teenager. I think she thought there was no hope for me. Maybe she was right, but I hope not.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I’m okay and holding on!


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