Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is Mitt Romney All They’ve Got Left?

So who is left to run for the Republicans now that Huckabee, Gingrich and Daniels are all eliminated?
by Charlie Leck

A few days ago – much less than a week ago – I gave you my predictions for the three most likely GOP Presidential candidates for the 2012 election campaign against President Obama. [GOP Presidential Candidate]

Geez, Louise! Already two of them are shot down. Newt Gingrich put his foot in his mouth (as I predicted he might) and Republicans have turned away from him like rabbits fleeing a rattlesnake.

Now Mitch Daniels has very emphatically declared that he is not and will not be a candidate. Unequivocally!

Jeepers, creepers! That leaves me with only Mitt Romney and he isn’t faring very well with many Republicans either – what with the Obama like health care plan he got adopted in Massachusetts a number of years ago. He’s having lots of trouble with the Tea Party wing of the GOP.

One wag was heard to say yesterday: “I guess the Republicans will need to depend on the charisma of Tim Pawlenty.” Pawlenty is not well enough known to appreciate the comedy in that statement.

Well, there’s still Michel Bachmann! And, of course, Sarah Palin! Maybe they can get John McCain to run again. Mike Huckabee has declared firmly that he is out, out, out! He’s in a reckless feud right now with the actress, Natalie Portman, for glamorizing “out-of-wedlock pregnancy” at the Academy Awards. Holy Moley, Mike, we’ve got wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and revolutions going on in a half dozen Arab nations. You want to talk about the evil of single moms? Congress may soon close down our government, Mike. You still want to quibble with Natalie Portman? It’s just as good he isn’t going to run, I guess.

I’ll cling to the final shred of my earlier prediction. Mitt Romney will get the nod to run against President Obama. I’ll think he’ll pick either Michel Bachmann or Natalie Portman as his running mate. Or, maybe he’ll ask that Arnold guy – you know, the fella out in California – to run with him.


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