Friday, January 20, 2012

Be Safe On-Line

Here’s some terribly good advice and instruction for you about staying safe when you’re working on-line. It comes from Google!
by Charlie Leck

I’m one of the old timers, hanging around, who really does love the Web (the Internet). It both educates me and entertains me. As well, it allows me to express myself. And, if you count email as part of the Web, which I think you must, it allows me very rapid communications with my family and friends at, in essence, no cost.

So, as a friend of mine likes to put it, “what’s not to like?”

My wife’s first answer is: “Intruders!” Her second and third is: “Web nuts! Crooked bastards!”

I guess she’s correct. We’ve had our share of malware attacks and invaders who sought to penetrate into our important and personal data. Damn!

So, I was pleased to find good advice from Google. Obviously, this is a company whose astronomically wealthy business depends on people who are not afraid of the Web. So I was pleased to find a Google site on-line that carefully explained what procedures we should take to stay safe. It’s called Stay Safe On-Line. Go and visit it if you worry, as seriously as my wife does, about protecting yourself from predatory geeks.

The Google site deals with terms that most of us don’t even begin to understand – like phishing, malware, and security on our mobile devices (cell phones). It also deals with safety in using cloud services (another concept most of us old-timers don’t get).

The Google site is also designed for the lay person and those of us who aren’t techie. There are good explanations of the common jargon and there are resources you can find to help you get out of trouble when you’re in it.

If you, like I, get frightened sometimes when you travel out there on the World Wide Web, this is a good page for you to know about. Bookmark it someplace where you can bring it up if you’re in need. First, however, go examine it and learn what you can in advance.

Feel safe when you go on-line! Here’s a Google video about on-line safety.


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