Saturday, January 21, 2012

Foolishness in South Carolina

I’m trying to watch the South Carolina primary campaign with some sense of intelligence. If you don’t think that’s difficult, you’re not paying attention!
by Charlie Leck

I’ve never seen anything like it! Never! The most serious candidate in the race down there in South Carolina is Stephen Colbert (or is he Herman Cain?). The rest are all jokes – and really bad jokes at that.

Perry pulls out and promptly endorses Gingrich. Within hours the news breaks that Gingrich proposes to his second wife that they have an open marriage and he be allowed to carry on a sexual relationship with a woman he was seeing (who is now his third wife). The funny part of the story is that Gingrich had the nerve in a candidates’ debate to turn a question about that proposal to his second wife back on the questioner, calling it disgusting. Whoa! Wait! What? The audience hooted and hollered its approval of Gingrich and gave him a standing ovation. Whoa! Wait! What?

In the middle of the South Carolina debate, the state of Iowa over-turned its announced results that Mitt Romney had won the caucuses there. The state announced, even though it could not account for a very large percentage of the ballots, that Ricky Santorum had won. Santorum had the nerve to make a big deal out of it. What happened to all the ballots? That’s what the reporters asked the Republican Party back in Iowa. They had no idea and explained, you know, that the whole process was a volunteer effort and no one is really accountable for any of it. Whoa! Wait! What?

The Super PACs are at work in South Carolina spending huge amounts of money from unidentified donors saying terrible things about the candidates they don’t support.

Stephan Colbert and John Stewart founded a Super PAC and were then surprised to discover they could say anything they wanted about anyone. So, they promptly called Mitt Romney a “serial killer” because, as Chairman of Bain Capital he had knocked of a couple of corporations and, of course, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that corporations are people too. Whoa! Wait! What?

Have you ever noticed, while watching these debates, that Ron Paul is always way over on the far right. Whoa! Wait! What? No, really! And, have you noticed that he is the only one of the candidates that really directly answers the questions asked. Most times people don’t like his answers, but, in fact, he does answer the questions. He doesn’t realize that this is not smart politics.

Are you getting the idea here? Thank goodness the vote is coming up soon. I just can’t take any more of this!


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