Friday, January 27, 2012

Michele Bachmann will Run Again for Congress

Oh, boy! The lady from the 6th District says she’ll run again for Congress. What can I say?
by Charlie Leck

It doesn’t matter much, but only about 37 percent of Minnesotans look favorably upon Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. That’s according to very recent poles. The only thing that matters, however, is how the people of her District feel (that’s District 6). My bet is that she has an approval rating up there of about 53 percent. I don’t like it, but it’s a fact of life and I need to live with it.

Who up there can knock her off? Terryl Clarke tried last time and couldn’t do it. She wants to make a run at Bachmann again, but I don’t favor it. Clarke ran a lack-luster campaign and she didn’t show much of a personality. She came off as dull and lifeless. I’ve scorned all her little emails seeking financial contributions to date and I plan to continue that. Let’s have a fresh face – and exciting one – to challenge the old war horse.

I don’t think Bachmann has done much for the people of the sixth over the last two years. Frankly, she has basically ignored them. Nevertheless, there is a certain mind-set in that District that doesn’t care. They want an evangelical Tea Party type and they’ll be very loud about it.

The only way the Democrats can win in that District is to put up a candidate with both charisma and credentials who will work hard to bring Bachmann down. Chances? Slim!


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